May 28, 2018



Chef Soup 8
With herb oil 
Pizza Fritta 9
Fried Pizza dough, topped with ricotta and marjoram 
JJJ Black Rice-n- Fried Eggs 10
Spicy Berkwood Farm ground spicy pork; black forbidden rice, pickle vegetables & fried egg
Bison Empanadas 9
Local bison, spices and chimichurri
Street Tacos 10
Spiced ground bison and Esabella’s homemade corn tortillas


Oyster Salad 10
Cornmeal-crusted oyster, chopped lettuce, asparagus, green onion, pickles, and spicy ranch dressing 
Green Salad 9
Local greens, shaved carrots, spring garlic, fried asparagus, yogurt dressing 
Beef Carpaccio 11
Anchovy capers mayonnaise, radishes, asparagus, Praire Breeze cheddar
Cheese Plate 15Assorted Iowa Cheeses (Add La Quercia prosciutto 7)




Grass-fed Steak Market price

Tweed Croft Farm grass-fed steak, warm early spring vegetables & Maytag blue cheese salad, steak fries, chimichurri and HoQ steak sauce

Salmon 27

Wild Alaskan salmon, Bell Farm mushroom risotto, sundried tomato relish and white butter sauce

 Free-Range Chicken 28

Tweed Croft Farm boneless half chicken, charred green onions, grilled asparagus, dirty black rice and chimichurri

 Bison Burger 24

Grass-fed bison burger, fried egg & caramelized onions, local tomato, homemade brioche bun and steak fries

 Vegetarian 21

Basmati rice, yellow split peas, carrots with quinoa, fried eggplant, kohlrabi & potato patty and asparagus herb salad




Local Crisp 9
Singing Dog vanilla ice cream
Ice Cream Sampler 8
Chef Suman’s homemade ice cream with sugar cookies
Chef’s Choice  Market Price 
Pastry Chef  featured seasonal dessert
 Cheese Plate  15
Assortment of Iowa cheeses