January 10, 2019



Chef Soup 9
With herb oil 
Tamale 9
Pork belly, duck egg and house made hot sauce
 Bangladeshi Samosa 9
Grass-fed Beef heart & liver, organic potatoes, mama’s spice, raita and salt
Quark Cheese Flan 10
Local goat cheese and savory custard
Crab Cake 13
Tater tots, HoQ ketchup with local greens
Winter Salad 10
Lees green shaved butternut squash, organic poached beets, trio radish, Milton Creamery Prairie Breeze cheese cookies and micro greens
Quinoa Salad 10
Organic red quinoas, Milton Creamery quark cheese, organic fennel, Timeless Prairie Orchard apple and aged balsamic vinaigrette
Salmon Tartare 11
House cured wild Alaskan salmon, spice and waffle fries
Cheese Plate 15
Assorted Iowa Cheeses & accoutrements (Add La Quercia prosciutto 7)




Grass-fed Steak Market price

Grass-fed steak, spiced potatoes cutlet, winter vegetables, tomatoes sauce and HoQ steak sauce

Salmon en Papillote 28

Wild Alaskan salmon, Garden on Garden potatoes, organic carrots & parsnip, Organic Greens kale and fried lentils

 Chicken 27

Local free-range airline chicken breast marinated in balsamic vinegar, barley risotto, roasted winter vegetables and beurre blanc

 Bison Meat Loaf 26

Jay’s Farm grass-fed beef & local bison, organic sweet potato mash, local roasted vegetables and HoQ sauce

 Vegetarian 21

Roasted local butternut squash curry, buttered basmati rice, potato cake stuffed with hard-boiled duck egg and greens



Local Crisp 9
Singing Dog vanilla ice cream
Ice Cream Sampler 8
Chef Suman’s homemade ice cream with sugar cookies
Chef’s Choice  Market Price 
Pastry Chef  featured seasonal dessert
 Cheese Plate  15
Assortment of Iowa cheeses