July 12, 2017



Chef Soup 8
With herb oil
Braised Summer Squash 7
Garlic, chili, parsley and extra virgin olive oil 
Farinata 11
Chickpea flour pancake with tomatoes and La Quercia prosciutto
Buffalo Shrimp 13
Wild Gulf shrimp, garlic, local cucumber, tomatoes, and kohlrabi, Lola’s hot sauce and homemade ranch
Cucumber Salad 9
Local cucumber, herb yogurt, Milton Creamery quark cheese and Organic Green mini greens 
Summer Salad 9
Shaved carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, puffed faro, herb vinaigrette and sprouts 
Lump Crab Salad 12
Bagel chips with peppers, cucumber and tomatoes 
Cheese Plate 15Assorted Iowa Cheeses (Add La Quercia prosciutto 7)




Grass-fed Steak Market price

Tweed Croft Farm Grass-fed steak, roasted kohlrabi, sautéed summer vegetables, chimi churri and HoQ steak sauce

Sustainable Fish Market Price

Sustainable fish, capers, organic zucchini, local green beans, heirloom tomatoes, diakon sprouts and chimi churri

 Pork 27

Blackened Berkwood Farm pork, sautéed summer vegetables, Creole tomato sauce gremolata and Early Morning Harvest grits

 Chicken 28

Free range local half boneless chicken, basmati rice with yellow split peas and quinoa, sautéed greens, summer vegetables and chimi churri

 Black Bean Burger 20

Organic black bean patty, caramelized onions, tomato salsa, corn tortillas, chimi churri and citrus kohlrabi salad

 Vegetarian 19

Mama’s spiced couscous, grilled summer vegetables, local green beans, tomatoes,

Herbs and citrus kohlrabi salad

Local Crisp 9
Singing Dog vanilla ice cream
Ice Cream Sampler 8
Chef Suman’s homemade ice cream with sugar cookies
Chef’s Choice  Market Price 
Pastry Chef Steve’s featured seasonal dessert
 Cheese Plate  13
Assortment of Iowa cheeses