November 2, 2017



Chef Soup 8
With herb oil
Miniature Cauliflower 10

Curry sauce and sage


Winter Squash Tortellini 11
Sage cream, Milton Creamery prairie breeze and walnut


Scallop 14
Pan seared scallop, La Quercia prosciutto, sage, shaved and brown butter



Winter Slaw 9
Carrot, cabbage, green onion, rosemary, apple vinegar and vegetables chips


Chicken Liver Spread 10

Free Range chicken liver, toast and seasonal preserves


Beet Carpaccio 11

Roasted acorn squash, walnut, fresh greens, horseradish, cider vinegar


Cheese Plate 15

Assorted Iowa Cheeses (Add La Quercia prosciutto 7)




Grass-fed Steak Market price

Tweed Croft Farm Grass-fed steak, baked potatoes puree, roasted winter vegetables, cooked greens and HoQ hunter sauce


Sustainable Fish Market Price

Sustainable fish, organic boiled potatoes, cooked greens, roasted beets and sage cream


Pork 27

Pork Milanese, vinegar cabbage, bakes potatoes puree and tomato sauce


Lamb Biriyani Market Price

Basmati rice with cauliflower & carrot, raisins, walnuts, curry sauce, homemade Naan bread with yogurt sauce


Butternut Squash Curry 19

Local butternut squash, biriyani style basmati rice with carrot, cauliflower and walnuts


Vegetarian 20

Baked sweet potatoes, green onions, yogurt marinated parsnip, cooked greens and winter vegetables



Local Crisp 9
Singing Dog vanilla ice cream
Ice Cream Sampler 8
Chef Suman’s homemade ice cream with sugar cookies
Chef’s Choice  Market Price 
Pastry Chef  featured seasonal dessert
 Cheese Plate  15
Assortment of Iowa cheeses