March 16, 2018



Chef Soup 8
With herb oil

 Pizza Fritta 9
Fried Pizza dough, topped with ricotta and marjoram

 JJJ Black Rice-n- Fried Eggs 10

Spicy Berkwood Farm ground spicy pork; black forbidden rice, pickle vegetables & fried egg

 Stracci 11
Maytag blue cheese & Milton Creamery quark cream, Frisian Farm smoked Gouda, marjoram and walnuts

Mussels 13
Black Cat Farm green onion, cream and grilled bread



Cobb Salad 10
Lee’s Green butter lettuce, Flint Ridge Farm carrots, bacon, hard boiled eggs, radish, green onions, Maytag blue cheese and herb vinaigrette

 Crunchy Thai Style Salad 10

Flint Ridge Farm carrots, radish, green onions, shitake mushrooms, cabbage, mint, diakon shoots, lime, seasami oil

 Shrimp Lettuce Wrap, 12

Wild Gulf shrimp, green mayo, radish, pickle and root fries

Cheese Plate 15

Assorted Iowa Cheeses (Add La Quercia prosciutto 7)




Grass-fed Steak Market price

Tweed Croft Farm grass-fed steak, warm early spring vegetables & Maytag blue cheese salad, steak fries, chimichurri and HoQ steak sauce

Walleye 28

Wild caught walleye, mussels, wild Gulf shrimp, fumet, Early Morning Harvest grits and warm early spring vegetables

 Pork 27

Berkwood Farm pork spiced rub, Early Morning Harvest cheesy grits, last summer tomatoes salsa, and chimichurri

 Meatloaf 26

Tweed Croft Farm grass-fed beef, warm early spring vegetables Maytag blue cheese salad, steak fries, chimichurri sauce and HoQ steak sauce

 Veggie Ramen 20

Vegetable broth, fresh alkaline noodles, early spring vegetables, diakon shoots, radish and shitake mushrooms

 Vegetarian Stew 22

Yellow peas, local potatoes, Early Morning Harvest hard-boiled egg, cilantro, tortilla strips and red onions


Local Crisp 9
Singing Dog vanilla ice cream
Ice Cream Sampler 8
Chef Suman’s homemade ice cream with sugar cookies
Chef’s Choice  Market Price 
Pastry Chef  featured seasonal dessert
 Cheese Plate  15
Assortment of Iowa cheeses