January 22, 2019


Chef Soup 9/6
Our evolving soup selection
Grass-fed Beef Chili 12/7
Local black beans served with Milton Creamery cheddar cheese (add Naan $1/egg $2)
Chicken & Rice Soup 9/6
Free- range chicken and basmati rice
Winter Salad 10/6
Local salad greens, roasted root vegetables, organic shaved fall vegetables, free-range poached egg, Milton Creamery white cheddar cheese and house vinaigrette
**Grass-fed Beef Burger 15
Tweed Croft Farm beef, local greens, heirloom tomato salsa, local sautéed onion, organic house made brioche bun; root fries (add cheese 1, hash brown/ bacon/egg 2) 
Salmon On Sweet Bun 14
Wild Alaskan salmon, rosemary aioli, local cabbage, organic house made brioche bun and root fries 
Free Range Chicken Burrito 14
Tweed Croft Farm free range chicken, local black beans, basmati rice, salsa, yogart, Milton Creamery cheddar cheese, home made tortillas and root fries
Chef Santiago’s Feature Market Price
Vegan Meat loaf 14
Local kale, breadcrumb, chickpea flour, served with veggie- fried rice (Add poached egg $2
Grilled Cheese & Soup 13
Local vegetables, Milton Creamery white cheddar cheese, homemade brioche bread and chef soup (Add salmon $3)
Mediterranean Bowl 14
French lentil falafel, roasted winter vegetables, Israeli couscous, olives, greens, parsley, quark cheese, pickled vegetables, lemon juice and evoo (Add pulled free-range chicken $5)
 Potato Pizza 12
Home made crust, white sauce, potatoes, Milton Creamery white cheddar cheese, Mariposa herbs and local farmer’s greens (Chef recommends glass of light red wine)
*Consuming under cooked or raw meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs my increase your risk of food-borne illness. Being local, sustainable & seasonal, our menu is subject to change without notice.