April 9, 2017



Organic Corazon Coffee 3.5

Organic Tea 3.5

Organic Milk 3

Irish Cream Coffee 9

Mimosa 9

HoQ Screwdriver 9

HoQ Bloody Mary 9

 Bottomless Mimosa, Screwdriver, or Bloody Mary 18

Small Plates

Roasted Sweet Potato Toast 7

Herb ricotta, almonds and local honey

Pomme Byron 5

Organic potatoes & Milton Creamery white cheddar cake


Deviled Duck Eggs 7

Farm Fresh duck eggs and kimchi

Toast 3

Whole-wheat bread


Cinnamon Roll 3.5

Chef Suman’s pastry


Hand-Dipped Doughnut 3.5

Chef selections


Danish 3.5

Chef selections

 English Muffin 3



Grass Fed Beef  28

Tweed Croft grass-fed steak, farm fresh eggs, hash brown, sautéed Swiss chard and chimi churry

HoQ Omelet 15

Lee’s Greens spinach, local asparagus, green onion Milton Creamery quark cheese, whole-wheat bread toast and pomme Byron

Fried Oyster & Eggs 16

Free rang scramble eggs, braised beef, swiss chard, pomme byron and spicy crème fraiche

Eggs Benedict 15

Homemade English muffin, local ham, grilled asparagus; free range poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce and pomme Byron

Stuffed French Toast 15

Local berries, Milton Creamery whipped quark cheese, brioche bread and local pork belly confit

Burger 15

Tweed Croft Farm beef, local bacon, local greens, Milton Creamery white cheddar cheese, organic house-made brioche bun; side salad (hash brown/egg 2)

Vegetarian Burrito 12

Local asparagus, organic hash brown, free-range farm fresh eggs, local fried cheese curds, crème fraiche, Milton Creamery white cheddar and wheat tortillas.