Valentines Day 2019

February 2, 2019

First Course

Mushroom Bisque

Candied mushroom served with crème fraiche

Winter Leaf Lettuce

Beet carpaccio, pickled mustard, Lee’s Green winter lettuce and white balsamic

Wine/Drink Pairing

Second Course

Smoked Fish on Toast

With pickled mustard seed and cured egg yolk


Organic sweet potato gnocchi and grass-fed butter

Wine/Drink Pairing

Third Course


Root vegetable puree, pork belly, sautéed winter greens and sauce duo


Wrapped with prosciutto, tater tots and tomato sauce


Milton Creamery cheese and local refried black bean stuffed pupusa, organic cabbage slaw, and Mexican rice

Wine/Drink Pairing


Dessert Samplers

Drink Pairing