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Pastry 3.5

Pastry Chef Joseph’s pastry

 Hand-Dipped Doughnut 3

Doughnut of the day

 Toast 2

Whole-wheat bread



Steak and Eggs 19

Timber ridge farm grass-fed steak, farm fresh eggs and skillet potatoes

Kale Omelet 10

Local kale, Milton Creamery white cheddar, whole-wheat bread toast and skillet potatoes

Sausage Gravy 11

Homemade buttermilk biscuit, local sausage gravy, local kale and sunny side up eggs

Crab Benedict 12

Homemade English muffin, crab cake, poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce and skillet potatoes

Ham and Grits 10

Early Morning Harvest grits, local ham, sautéd kale and tomato broth

Ham Sandwich 12

Ciabatta bun, Milton creamery white cheddar, creamed kale and hash brown

Vegetarian Quiche 11

Organic winter vegetables, free-range eggs, local cream; side salad


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