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Organic Corazon Coffee 3.5

Organic Tea 3.5

Organic Milk 3

Irish Cream Coffee 9

Mimosa (Beets, Carrot and original) 9

HoQ Screwdriver 9

HoQ Bloody Mary 9

 Bottomless Mimosa, Screwdriver, or Bloody Mary 18



Sweet Roll 3.5

Rhubarb/ Mix berries/ Cinnamon


Hand-Dipped Doughnut 3.5

Chef selections


Chocolate Croissant 4

Early Morning Harvest flour and organic chocolate


Buttermilk biscuit 3

Small Plates


Smoked Fish On Toast 8

Pickle mustard seed and greens

Skillet Potatoes 5

Organic potatoes and Frisian Farm Gouda cheese curds

Deviled Duck Eggs 7

Fish sauce and pickled vegetables


Toast 3

Brioche bread



Filet Mignon and Eggs 28

Tweed Croft Farm grass-fed tenderloin, farm fresh eggs, home fries with fried cheese curds and Hollandaise sauce

HoQ Omelet 16

Lee’s Greens spinach, organic squash, local sweet potatoes, Milton Creamery quark cheese, brioche bread toast and home fries with fried cheese curds

Lamb Sausage Gravy 15

Homemade buttermilk biscuits, lamb sausage gravy, local spinach and free-range sunny side up eggs

Smoked Salmon Benedict 18

Homemade English muffin, smoked salmon, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and home fries with fried cheese curds

Stuffed French toast 14

Brioche bread, rhubarb, local homey and pork belly

Duck Egg Sandwich 15

Free Range duck eggs, hummus, bacon, greens and breakfast skillet potatoes

Bangladeshi Breakfast 19

Grass-fed braised short ribs with yellow split peas, spiced mix vegetables, fried free-range eggs and cucumber yogurt salad

Ham Burger 16

Tweed Croft Farm beef, local ham, local greens, Milton Creamery white cheddar cheese, organic house-made brioche bun; root fries (hash brown/ bacon/egg 2)



Bread Pudding 9               Grand Marnier Chocolate Cake 9                      Ice Cream Sampler 9

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